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Our Services

Let's develop the world in a Greenway

General Construction

Greenway has been in the general construction business for many years. It is the heart of our business, and it is where it all started. We know what quality looks like and we know how to achieve it. As a full-service construction firm, we have the ability to use our own team of skilled craftsmen along with a talented group of specialty contractors and other project partners to deliver great work that is on-time and within budget.
We serve as general contractor for bid and negotiated projects. The size and scope of our projects change from state to state and market to market – but our reputation for high quality work never wavers.

Our general construction services include:
  • New Construction
  • Building Additions
  • Building Renovations
  • Building Restorations
  • Pre-bid site surveys
  • Estimating
  • Project management
  • Following building guidelines and regulations
  • Client communication
  • Providing materials and equipment


Honoring Tradition
Greenway has earned a reputation for the quality of our workmanship in self-performed trades. Many of the industry's oldest construction companies have stepped away from what first made them successful – putting the hammer to the nails and the trowels to the concrete. We proudly maintain a team of experts.

Maintenance of Roads

In order to ensure the safety of road users, Greenway conduct daily inspections, looking for issues such as damage to or the decay of roads and bridges, road obstructions or debris, and takes the appropriate measures to respond.
By conducting a pavement condition survey once every three years, we measures cracks, ruts (depressions), and pavement evenness on all roadways. Based on the results of the survey, locations in need of repair are selected and priority for repair is established. In addition, along with road repairs, improvements with respect to steps and gradients are being made to sidewalks.

Maintenance of Bridges

It is the Department of Greenway's goal to "maintain bridges to 'as constructed' standards, and maintain the adjacent waterways to keep them clear of obstructions." To do this, Bridge Repair can be divided into three categories: Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Replacement.

Maintenance Activities Include:
  • Scheduled inspections of all moveable and stationary bridges and culverts.
  • Repair and Replacement of bridge railing, decks, approaches and substructures
  • Removal of Drift and Debris
  • Erosion protection
  • Moveable Bridge Operation and Maintenance
  • Guardrail and Retaining Wall Repair and Maintenance


Rehabilitation activities include stringer replacement, deck replacement, bridge painting, etc. Reconstruction is the complete reconstruction of the bridge structural section or replacement with a large capacity culvert. Examples include:

Bridge Replacement Project

The bridge replacement project involves removing the existing bridge and replacing it with a new concrete bridge or culvert, re-grading the existing channel, providing slope protection, replacing the existing road surface to match the existing surface, etc

Culvert Replacement Project

At this time the County replaces culverts in-house or using a minor contract

Residential and Commercial

GWC is providing you the Smart, Modern, Energy Efficient Green Building at Low Cost with Almost NIL Maintenance.

We are providing following services
  • General Construction
  • Architecture Design
  • Structure Design
  • Interior Design

1. Get expert advice from our highly qualified team of Structure Engineers, Architects And Interior Designers.
2. Get regular construction updates with photos/videos on your whatsapp and see your dream house/property building bit by bit from anywhere in the world.
3. Get complete plumbing & electrical drawing of your property